The strength of IKSA (IK Sykes Associates) lies in the individuals who have over the years demonstrated their competence and professionalism in a wide range of GxP subjects and can be relied upon to provide pragmatic, cost effective advice. Whether working individually, or as part of a team, IKSA will contribute to the success of your venture, from specific problem solving assignments to major facility or product development projects. Whatever your needs, IKSA can provide the necessary experts to facilitate the outcomes you expect.

GMP Consulting

GMP consulting support throughout the whole product lifecycle

Auditing Services

Professional services for planning, execution and reporting of supplier, CMO and general service provider audits

Quality Management Services

Comprehensive and cost-effective QMS for the planning, execution and reporting of clinical research studies

Quality System Management

Providing appropriate expertise to meet regulatory challenges whatever the stage of the product lifecycle

Risk Management

IKSA can provide extensive services associated with the implementation of a Risk Management System

Strategic Partners

IKSA has strategic alliances with highly skilled, experienced service providers/consultants as well as an office in China

IKSA - Made to measure support and solutions
Our team

Ian K. Sykes

CEO-Founder, Chief Executive, IKSA

Martin van der Vliet

Senior Associate and Project Specialist, Bioprocessing

Edward J. O'Connor

Senior Associate

Peter Earps

Senior Associate and Project Specialist, Risk Assessments

Allen Goldenthal

Associate Consultant

Lex van Loosbroek

Senior Associate

Vijay Khindria

Associate Consultant

In addition to the members of our team, IKSA has a wide network of consultants and SMEs we can call on to contribute to specific projects as may be required. We will be pleased to provide appropriate CVs upon request.

Office Location

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Helmersstraat 211
3071 AD Rotterdam
The Netherlands
phone: +31 10 ?7371512

Contact us
How can we assist you?

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